Liaison Media produces video content to help organizations tell their story, increase their community impact, and achieve long-term business objectives.

Our episodic content is aligned and tailored to your organization's persona, values, and content marketing goals.

Liaison Media is based in Cleveland, OH.


Video Production

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Whether you’re promoting an event, documenting an initiative, or showcasing a new product, let Liaison Media tell your story with compelling narrative tools and best-in-class video equipment.


Visual Content Channels


For organizations with vast programming, sometimes one video isn’t enough. Let Liaison Media produce a dynamic collection of videos to convey the full impact of your services to different audiences and stakeholders.

E-Learning Media Production


Educational Media has become an essential part of online student learning. Liaison Media develops video tutorials, application modules, and other digital content to assist teachers with blended learning courses and curriculums.

Strategy Development


No matter the quality or budget, marketing materials produced without a plan often fall flat. Let Liaison Media develop a custom strategy that combines research-driven insights and tangible goals, with compelling creative execution.

Remote Video Capabilities


In the wake of the 2020 pandemic, our clients have found great value in our remote, post-production services. Using a mix of live video, webcam, stock, and existing footage, Liaison Media will broadcast messages to your audience; safely and ethically.

Graphic Design


The key to social media success is consistency, but developing these assets can be tedious. Liaison Media produces templates, photos, and other media assets to keep your social media accounts fresh and viable.

Language Dubbing & Localization


In order to engage audiences globally, content must be adapted into a number of languages. Liaison Media offers multi-language audio dubbing, cultural localization, and subtitle transcription to help cater to diverse international audiences.



Navigating your marketing mix can be a difficult task. With over 10 years of collective experience, the good people at Liaison Media are happy to provide guidance on your web development, advertising, social, and other media needs. 

The Liaison Advantage

Thriving organizations use Liaison Media produced video channels as dynamic tools to help achieve long-term business objectives. 

From designing engaging, audience-centered content to highlighting grant requirements, Liaison Media delivers visual proof of your organization's impactful programming to your social media following.

Liaison Media uses professional tools and resources to help you share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

Liaison Media works with your marketing department to identify appropriate platforms to communicate with your audience. Meticulous attention is paid to the direction & scheduled release of each video.

Detailed systems, industry insights, planning, and communication keep our process moving efficiently, from start to finish. 

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Liaison Media is a black-owned business based in Cleveland, Ohio. We consider national and international projects upon request.

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